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This website is a work in progress. It is also the home of a software product that is a labor of love. While Tridiavnc is a piece of software that essentially came about by accident, we are dedicated to fully supporting it. Accordingly, you can help us out by downloading and installing a copy on your computer and using it extensively.

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It has a built-in debug function. Now, don’t get too excited. The debug function doesn’t work like you think it does. It’s not like you click a button and somehow someway, the software magically debugs itself. It would be nice if it worked that way. Instead, it simply creates a screenshot of the error and also creates a mini video of what happened before, during and after the error, so we can get to the bottom of the situation.

Now, as you can well imagine, a lot of people are quite uneasy about this because it’s one thing to shoot footage of Microsoft Word, it’s another to shoot footage of proprietary software that cost millions of dollars to develop. There are all sorts of security issues here and possible intellectual property theft conflicts and whatnot. There is also the ever-present threat of conflicts of interests.

This is the legal minefield that a lot of people have to deal with but thankfully, we have reduced the video screenshot to the actual crude operations. We don’t actually see proprietary information. We don’t actually see the other end of the person using VNC. Instead, we look at the sequence of commands without the password that led to the issue.

A lot of people might have a problem with this. They might think that it is still too intrusive. They might be under the impression that sensitive information might still be passed. Well, it’s your judgment call but if you really want to help us tighten up the quality of this software, then you really need to give us the permission to get these screenshots so we can maximize the debug function.

Also, keep in mind that the terms of use that you sign off to install this software includes our right to use the screenshot but ultimately, you are in control because it’s always your call whether to send debug assistance or not. It really is an assistance request. So, don’t think that this is any form of spyware because it has cleared regulatory hurdles and online security groups have signed off on this software. There’s nothing to worry about as far as security is concerned.

Still, we wanted to, in the spirit of full disclosure, spell everything out. We don’t want to keep you in the dark. We don’t want you to be suspicious. We don’t want you to think up of all sorts of nasty situations because nowhere during the debug process is your personal identifiable information ever captured or passed along or otherwise compromised.

So, do yourself a big favor. If you are serious about making sure that Tridiavnc is the very best remote VNC split-screen speed up software in its category, help us out by sending any errors you come across. Again, this is all completely optional. Another way you can help us is if you are clicking through the website and there are certain pages that won’t load properly, feel free to fill out the form and let us know.