About Tridiavnc.com

The software behind this remote video control add-on to VNC was, as you can imagine, invented accidentally. It really is an accident because that’s the only word that would even come close to fully and adequately describing the process that went on before, during and after its invention.


The developer used VNC and was helping somebody based in Romania. Romania’s internet connections can be quite erratic. Normally, it’s fairly good and the speed is quite fast; so, when the people are communicating via VNC, the pages are loading smoothly. It’s as if you are on your own computer playing around with the mouse, moving the cursor around, and otherwise filling in the form in real time.

Tough time

In several occasions working with that Romanian coder, the person who invented Tridiavnc had a tough time loading pages. To make matters worse, they were supposed to log into a third-party website that is very sensitive to security. Since this person has grown accustomed to essentially taking wild guesses when the page doesn’t load quickly enough, he guessed wrong.

By Accident

He just simply assumed that the password was loading properly on the other end and he entered his password. It turns out that he is typing so fast that he misspelled it. Unfortunately, he only realized the error right after the split second following him clicking the submit button. To make the long story short, they were frozen out several times from the remote server and this caused what would otherwise have been a 500-dollar job into a 2000-dollar outsourcing job.

Stunning Project Cost

Stunned by the final cost of the project, the developer of Tridiavnc resolved not to be victim of slow loading screens. This person is a project manager working with teams located anywhere from South Korea to India to Bangladesh to the Philippines as well as many parts of Eastern Europe. He really did not have the luxury of repeating that same mistake several times.

As a result, after his several failed attempts at speeding up the video buffer layer in real time of VNC, he was able to come up with an algorithm and video feed device that ensures smooth real-time split-screen VNC experience each and every time.

The product that you are enjoying from this website has gone through rigorous training but we invite you to join our massive global community of installed users because the more users use our product, the more we can debug it and ensure smooth split-screen VNC experience to professional and amateur users all over the world.

As VNC, in terms of the underlying software, community, and applications associated with it, continues to evolve to meet a wide range of global needs, you can bet that we will continue to mutate and grow alongside it. This, of course, is easier said than done. As you can well imagine, software can easily mutate into a wide range of tracks. It can also get very confusing really quickly. Accordingly, we have created a distributed global network of inputs that will enable the rest of us to not only catch up, make the most of it, but also, in our very own ways, direct this growth and evolution.